Acrylic painting Anatomy of Flame by Bryan  Coombes

Anatomy of Flame

Anatomy of Flame, 30x48 fluid acrylic on stretched gallery canvas
Another portrayal of suspended flames at night- one of my favourite subjects to paint in fluid acrylics. If each discreet moment in time is a single position in space and our consciousness allows a countless number of discreet moments to pass through our awareness thus creating movement, like film through a projector. A flickering campfire flame has got to be one of the most interesting ideas to explore as one discreet moment of space. What better place to be- to explore the topic of time... next to the calming heat in a hypnotic trance gazing into the flames. 
I sell out of my Fire Abstracts fairly fast. I'd be happy to paint you one, custom for you. My is at Willowbrook Mall Art Gallery 

$1,950.00 CAD